Slim fit dress shirts

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Men's slim fit shirts

The shirt is an omnipresent item inside every man's wardrobe. Whether it is used daily or only for the most special occasions, it is an element that must respect the tastes of the wearer and put you at ease in any situation. At Camicissima we offer you different quality variations for any eventuality, able to adapt to the everybody's physicality.


Men’s quality slim fit shirts

A men's shirt model is a very important parameter in the choice: among the numerous alternatives, the slim fit one has characteristics capable of making it an item of clothing suitable for every day unlike . The slim fit model is easily recognisable thanks to the fit in the waist area, a tight armhole and its pleats on the back.

The tapered fit, similar to that of a second skin, makes this model more suitable for those with a slim and slender physique. In addition, this model is best suited for evenings out with friends or in less formal situations.

It can be combined with a classic-style jacket but also with formal suits and workwear, and is perfect with men's ties : the slim shirt is also ideal for those who want to dare and prefer men’s patterned and coloured shirts .


Best slim fit shirts

Camicissima shirts are characterised by high quality, attention to details, finishes, details and seams: they are in fact made of natural material, 100% cotton, adaptable to all physical characteristics.

They are available in different colours, from solid colours, to pastel to the chequered and striped patterns.

In addition, in our stores you can find models of, which do not require ironing, being made up of particular but completely organic fabrics (100% cotton).

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