Regular fit dress shirts

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Men's regular fit shirts

The most classic of shirts is certainly the regular fit, with clean lines and a traditional cut, which cannot be missing in an elegant man’s wardrobe. Camicissima together with its team offers several models of men's regular fit shirts, to adapt to the needs of each of its customers.


Regular fit shirt, what it means

When it comes to the regular fit shirt it is a concept related to the fit of the model: in fact, a regular shirt, unlike a slim fit shirt , has as its main feature a comfortable fit, which allows freedom of movement while maintaining elegance. In addition, the cut is usually wide and the armholes are kept soft, so it is particularly suitable for those who want to hide a few extra pounds on the abdomen. Furthermore, unlike other models, such as the extra slim shirt , the regular shirt has no seams or pleats on the back.

It is evident that the main difference between a slim or regular shirt is the way the different models dress: the first is more structured, adherent to modern while the regular shirt is softer and simpler, but it is a timeless and indispensable classic, both to wear under a suit that can be combined with a pair of jeans, ensuring the man an impeccable style even on the most casual days.

Regular quality men's shirts

A shirt is a fundamental piece of clothing, so it is essential to have quality and that make you feel comfortable and confident. The experience of Camicissima offers men's shirts  made with the utmost attention to detail, using only quality materials, ensuring for years a product of great value.

In addition, the possibilities of choice are many: in addition to the presence of different models of regular fit shirts, it is possible to choose between different types of collars and among numerous patterned shirts and of different colours. Finally, for those who have a busy life, you can also choose the , which thanks to the no-iron fabric make the regular fit shirts ready to be worn as soon as taken out of the dryer

Camicissima offers its professionalism and experience, guaranteeing quality products, essential for the wardrobe of an elegant modern man.


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