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No-iron shirts

No-iron shirts are an item of clothing that cannot be missing in a man’s wardrobe: elegant, versatile and indispensable. In addition to the quality of the materials, Camicissima offers modern man shirts that don’t need ironing, ready to be worn as soon as they are dry.

Men’s no-iron shirts: advantages

The no-iron shirts from Camicissima are made of quality fabric, in 100% natural cotton fibres, ready for use after drying. No-iron shirts allows you to save precious time, reduce consumption and use those precious minutes to devote yourself to other interesting activities.

Camicissima knows the needs of modern man well, always running and with a few minutes available in the morning: for this reason we have created numerous and versatile alternatives: from no-iron slim fit shirts  to r regular fit , all with different collars and the possibility to choose between numerous colours and between a formal and a more casual style. Men’s no-iron shirts have several advantages to anyone who decides to buy them: style, elegance and practicality, to be ready for any event in no time and without worries.

Where to buy no-iron shirts

No-iron shirts can be bought wherever you want, thanks to the double purchase method:


  • Camicissima Stores: with stores all over the world, Camicissima offers its 90-year experience, advising and accompanying its customers in the search for the most suitable no-iron shirt for their needs;
  • Camicissima E-commerce: if you wish, you can also buy these shirts online, through the Camicissima website, which offers the same quality as in the store and a wide range of products; you will find men’s elegant shirts , men’s shirts with patterns with matching ties . In addition, thanks to the fast shipping and the return policy a punctual and tailored service for customers is guaranteed;

The Camicissima team allows its customers to choose the ideal outfit they want with a shirt, without having to iron it, and ensuring quality of materials, sartorial details and style in a single garment!


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